Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers

Power Distribution Equipment

We can supply power distribution equipment and expertise suitable for most outdoor events. Additionally, we can undertake bespoke Power Distribution projects for unusual situations, holding in stock a wide and varied custom built range of distribution equipment and cabling, from 125Amp 3 phase down to 13Amp single.

Custom Built Power Boards

All our systems are fully RCD and overload protected at the correct sensitivities (depending on the position of each device in the power chain) and we pride ourselves on careful maintenance of our power equipment.

A considerable amount of the distribution units and cabling that we use is custom produced by ourselves, and as a result we can be 100% confident of the build quality, reliability and safety of our stock.

Power Connectors Generators

Whilst we do not hold a stock of large generators, we are happy to specify and arrange delivery of a suitable unit from one of our preferred and trusted suppliers.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your power distribution requirements.