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Archived 09-12-2012 >

Mannifest 2012

We are now busy preparing equipment for Mannifest in early in August. As in the previous two years we will provide all power distribution throughout the site in addition to 24k of our Nexo sound system for the Mannifest Inn, which is totally under cover.

As part of our commitment to the success of this event we are building a new three phase power distribution unit to add to our massive stock of distro equipment, required to ensure the Chai Wallah tent extensive power requirements are met.

In our venue on site there will be 30 bands over three days, and we've now had confirmation that The Bay City Rollers are performing on our stage, one of the three live music stages which are complemented by a huge number of other events and activities. Enjoy!

On the recording front, our studio controllers have recently been replaced with an SSL Nucleus. Whilst the Mackie professional units were nice to use we found them unreliable electronically. The SSL, designed and manufactured in England will hopefully prove more successful.

Also a new addition to our studio is our custom designed and manufactured studio monitor switching unit which allows us to seamlessly hop beween our various passive and active loudspeakers, literally at the touch of a button. This is our own design and may well be made commercially available. If any studio owners are reading this and need a solution to this age old problem please contact us - we've solved it, and not a Tandy box in sight!



Archived 20-10-2008 >

Studio Update (17th August 2008)

Our new studio is now cabled and in operation. Click HERE for a glimpse.

Though not fully complete (we are awaiting doors to be fitted etc) it is already in use recording the next Tate! album.

Watch this space for further updates.


Archived 17-8-2008 >


Manx Sound and Manx Staging are in the process of relocating to new premises.

In addition to giving us the opportunity to organise ourselves better, we currently have the builders on site constructing a custom built live room and control room for our recording studio. This will give us a much needed permanent location for the various recording projects we undertake. Watch this space for pictures of the build and the new studio.


DPA Headsets

We have recently purchased five DPA 4067f headsets from Ian MacDonald at New Stage Sound in Salisbury. These are the best that money can buy, and are perfectly suited to use in any high quality corporate event or theatre production. They can be used with our stock Shure SLX systems, or using the appropriate adaptors with any other radio system.


Archived 20-2-2008 >

Nice Rack!

Manx Sound have recently completed a rack build of 5 QSC Amplifiers incorporating the Tannoy TDX1 quad architectural delay - specifically to drive our six new, super small but super powerful EM Acoustics 'EM81' loudspeakers.

Recently used for an AXA Equity & Law event, these new units have literally blown everybody away with their sweet sound, minute size and totally professional performance with a very wide range of musical styles.

"The sonic headroom defies their diminutive appearance, and we have to agree with our clients that this new system is unbeatable for discreet, refined sound reinforcement!"