Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers

Outdoor Events

Whatever your event, we hold the correct equipment in house to provide appropriate sound.

Large PA Systems

Up to 40,000 watts of power using our Nexo Touring System can service around 4000 people in the open. Being a full touring specification, these loudspeakers are designed to survive during rain, though of course your audience might not like getting wet!

This system can be set up in different power configurations, with or without extended sub bass frequencies, in multiples of 8K. We have the full flying rails allowing up to 8 boxes to be flown each side of the main stage, if required.

Nexo Touring System Specifications

Our nine custom manufactured bi-amped 15/2 wedges and 3 way 15/10/2 drum fill can provide very powerful and clear stage monitoring for most large music shows.

All amplification has recently been upgraded to the QSC PLX series


Smaller Sound Systems

For use out doors, a system must be electronically safe, and not susceptible to damage. We do have a large selection of loudspeaker solutions, such as our 3K Martin Blackline system, our large selection of powered JBL Eon units or our six EM Acoustics very high end 8" quazi-trapezoid enclosures.

However, all of these systems MUST be covered, to ensure they are not exposed to water. All our power requirements are installed to the highest standards using our own power distribution equipment, some custom built to our own specifications. We have qualified electricians as regular crew to ensure safety is paramount, and we are passionate about our standards in this, and all other areas.


Public Address

Public gatherings such as garden parties, horse races and classic car shows are just a small example of the type of event that might require a 100v Line Public Address system.

Manx Sound have a large in house stock of such equipment, as detailed in our main Public Address category.

We also have a Commentary Box, which has proven to be quite popular with the local radio stations.