Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers

Radio Microphone Systems

Manx Sound carries an ever increasing stock of Shure SLX Radio Microphones, receivers and transmitters.

These are configured to allow dry hire, and are very simple to set up.

Available in units of 1, 2 and 4, we can currently provide any multiple up to seven channels, directly from stock.


5 x Shure SLX2 Beta 58 hand helds

6 x Shure SLX1 Belt Packs

6 x Shure WL184 Cardioid Lapel Mics

3 x WH20 Head Sets

5 x DPA 4067f discreet high quality headset (Due to high cost and sensitivity these are NOT available for dry hire except by special arrangement)

Shure SLX Radio Microphone Receivers